Detox Your Body and BAN the BLOAT!!

……………by having a liver, kidneys and fully functioning organs!!!! Now I know I have the attention of all you quick-fix chasers and juice cleansing drinkers….read on about the best natural detox process and how you can feel better with a few small changes!


One of the body’s most basic functions is to eliminate and neutralize toxins daily through the liver, colon, kidneys and lungs. Your body is an incredibly smart machine and your LIVER plays a vital role in digestion and processing proteins, fats and sugars. Your liver is also important in fat digestion as well as the production of fats needed for the function of vital organs in your body. A fatty liver occurs when excess fat accumulates around the liver cells which in turn slows the metabolism of fat stores (not good!) and makes it very hard to lose weight. The KIDNEYS help to process everything you put into your system— food, alcohol, etc. They extract waste from your blood, balance the fluids in your body and help in many other functions in your body. Bottom line and long story short: Your body KNOWS what it’s doing— allow it to run efficiently by changing how you treat it and everything will function much better overall. Give your body the right fuel and stay active to help your body NATURALLY detox itself and keep all systems and organs running their best!FullSizeRender


Are you suffering from tight pants? Full belly? Uncomfortable feeling in your midsection? Those are NO FUN and signs that you need to change some things up! Let’s break down your bloat and get you feeling better!


Below are some common causes and cures of bloating and how you can HELP your organs function properly! 


  • Overeating! Large meals are a big factor in bloating and that uncomfortable “FULL” feeling! Overeating can cause damage to your liver and make it difficult for it to function correctly. Stick with smaller, more frequent meals to not only help your digestion, but your metabolism as well!  Say NO to mindless grazing and poorly thought out meals and YES to prepping and eating with purpose!! Try to eat every 2-3 hours to keep that metabolism revved up and your belly happy with your portion sizes! It’s way too hard to make good choices when you’re starving, so don’t let yourself get to that point! Take those excuses out and prep at the beginning of each week to ensure a successful week of eating.


  • Consuming rich foods high in fat!  While fat is absolutely essential in your diet, eating TOO many high fat, rich foods can
    My fav way to eat avocados is with egg whites on toast!! Yum!

    cause some major discomfort. Fat takes longer to digest than carbohydrates and protein so it keeps the stomach fuller for longer. This can be a good thing AND bad thing….while it helps with hunger, too much can weigh you down (pun intended!) Limit your daily fat intake and stick with healthy fats such as avocados, extra virgin olive oil, nuts and nut butters.



  • Not e88fa4a05-88a4-4125-a2be-baf0d23b1f43nough water, fiber or activity!!! One or all three of these can lead to…. dun, dun,
    dun….constipation!! Eeeks! Avoid by keeping your water intake HIGH (I recommend 1 gallon/ day for very active adults or at least half of your body weight in ounces for less active/more sedentary adults). Get your greens in to boost up your fiber intake (also whole grains, fruit and
    legumes) and get movin’!! Aim to be active at least 5 days per week!



  • Eating too fast!! I know, I know….you’re BUSY! Aren’t we all?!! Slow it down and actually enjoy your food! Your belly will thank you! Satiety signals (the signals in your brain that tell you you’re full) take around 20 mins to reach the brain and lessen your appetite. If you slowwwwww down, you are less likely to overeat and your body can digest your foods a lot more efficiently. Eating those small meals, like discussed earlier, will prevent you from being STARVING, which is when we typically shovel in food without thinking. Take a breath, enjoy your meals!
YOU deserve to feel GOOD!!
  • Limit carbonated drinks, chewing gum and sugar free foods! Switch your beverage of choice to good ‘ol H20! Add in lemon or cucumber or orange slices to flavor and keep it interesting! Peppermint tea is also a great way to decrease the bloat and much better than that can of POP you’re reaching for! Try it out and give water a chance! With chewing gum, you’re simply just swallowing more air! More air = more bloat! Plain and simple! Try switching to mints or just brush your teeth for a clean mouth feel! Sugar- free foods, while popular choices while watching your waistline, can cause bloating if over-consumed. Limit your intake of artificial sweeteners! Be mindful of labels and stick to foods that DON’T come in a package whenever available! Fresh is BEST!


  • Dairy/ gluten sensitivities or intolerances. I see this one a lot! To rule out an intolerance you can go get tested by your physician. To see if you have a sensitivity to either dairy (the one I see more common) or gluten, take out all foods containing either (not at the same time!) for 2 weeks, then re-introduce them and see how you feel! Start with dairy and eliminate any foods containing lactose (milk, cheeses, yogurt) for 2 whole weeks—- don’t worry, you can get your calcium in other ways like leafy greens, almond/ rice milk, soy products,etc ! Put those lactose items back into your diet after two weeks. If you feel full, bloated, gassy etc then you probably have some sort of sensitivity! Being in-tuned with your body helps to figure out how to feel your best!



Feel better already?? Adopt these habits and you’ll be well on your way to a bloat-free, light-as-air, flat-bellied bod! ; )


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What’s up with the KLBC classes?!

Interested in trying a class out but not so sure what to expect?! Read on!
I LOVE the intensity and energy of the KLBC group classes! The format is different each class, but always in some sort of circuit fashion. Why do we do circuits?
Because I hate competition! I never wanted girls to come to class and feel like they are competing against one another. With circuits, you’re all doing something different at the same time! You’re able to focus on just YOU and geclass2t your sweat on! Each class is a combo of cardio and strength moves to ensure a full body burn each class!


class1b It’s an electric environment where everyone is working towards a common goal— to find their BEST self! In most classes, you will complete the circuits with a partner. Newbies are always paired with my LBB seasoned veterans so they never feel lost or not sure what they’re doing! I am always walking around, correcting form and of course shouting out random motivational phrases to keep ya goin’! 🙂

Between body weight, Bosu balls, bands, benches, Pilates rings and weights we sure do switch it up to keep your muscles guessing! The circuits change each class and will always leave you feeling challenged but STRONG! You will never repeat a workout and killer playlist is promised!
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