LBBaby Mama takeover— MY Pregnancy Must-Haves!!

Lean Body Baby Mama division of KLBC is taking over the blog today!

f72ad0f5-0386-498c-aed9-f08041dec085Every woman is different, every body is different and certainly every pregnancy is different!! It’s not up to you to judge if someone is carrying too big or too small or gaining the right/wrong  amount of weight! Pregnant women are literally growing a full blown miracle in their bodies –so leave judgments aside and let’s support ALL of our mamas-to-be!! I am absolutely NO expert on pregnancy, but I DO know what has worked for me and helped me feel great throughout my own miracle growing experience!

Here are just a few of my pregnancy must-haves!


Spoiled Mama products —An absolute must! I’ve been using these products since week 9 and they have made my skin spoiledmamafeel hydrated, supple, firm and cellulite free! Love it! I will be using them long after pregnancy is over!


Bluewave 64oz jug— As my doc said, “you’ll know you’re getting too much water when you start to grow gills” 😂 In other words, preggos NEED a lot of water!! Staying hydrated is crucial for your growing babe! Not only does it help mom-to-be with constipation, hemorrhoids and UTIS, but water delivers essential nutrients to the growing fetus. I try to drink two of these bad boys every day. OR you can also find them on Amazon!




Skin Medica Eye Serum– While this baby girl🏼 is still cookin’ and I can’t visit my friend Mr. Bo Tox  (no judging!!) this stuff is the next best thing!! I use it nightly and have noticed a big difference in the skin medicafine lines around my eyes– woohoo!  I’ll take what I can get!!


foamrollerFoam roller – I’ve had sciatica since week 8 and foam rolling my IT band and hips/ low back has worked wonders! I also see a pre-natal chiropractor 1x/week (Birmingham Wellness Center if you’re in the Oakland County area!) and would highly recommend for fellow sciatica sufferers!


Maternity tanks and leggings- Comfort is so essential as your bump grows. There no need to be miserable! I have a few faves that I have absolutely LIVED in these past few months with this

780bf46e-b284-4cbd-8c7a-16d0ff9628c9growing bump!

BE by Ingrid and Isabel workout leggings are essential for my workouts and the best I have found—believe me, I’ve tried them ALL! They can be found on (super affordable!)

leggings and tank for everyday/ running around are so, so comfy and definitely made with pregnant mamas in mind! Step into seamless legging heaven!!

Stay supported, feel good and be COMFY!


frank bodyFrank Body lip scrub! Pregnancy hormones can make your skin do some wild things! Some women get oily skin while some go the opposite way and get dried out! To help my poor chapped lips, this scrub and moisturizer have worked wonders!! PLUS it’s all organic and made from coffee grounds/ sugar so tastes delish to boot!


While it’s not a product, eating healthy and working out have by far been my pregnancy BFFs! Small meals every 2-3 hrs of nutrient dense foods and lots of protein (esp in Tri 3 when her little brain is growing most!) and keeping active have helped tremendously with any common pregnancy symptom (swelling, fatigue, constipation, indigestion heartburn,etc).Fatigue was my biggest complaint when I first got pregnant and as long as I kept movin’ I felt SO much better!! I have certainly NOT deprived myself of cravings (sweets have been the biggest craving!), I just found a balance that works for ME!  I’ve really breezed through these 8 months so far and attribute most of that to lifestyle choices! I know that may not be the case for ALL mamas, but it has worked for me!! Talk with your Dr. and figure out a plan that’s best for YOU! Pregnancy is a funny/wild/crazy experience and so different for each woman! You have to find what makes you FEEL the best and stick with it! Keep yourself healthy, do what works for YOU and enjoy these 10 months until the REAL fun begins! 🙂

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Happy mama, happy baby!!