Cheers to 2018!

Is it just us or is January already flying by?! Good news is, that means we’re getting closer to achieving our goals! And, though with a new year comes the slowing down of the holidays, we also find ourselves ramping up on planning for the year ahead. We know that when things start to get busy, it can be easy to forget about those commitments to ourselves. Which is why we are so excited that you’ve found The Lean Body Studio – we will stay the path together! Let’s fall in love with ourselves. Set goals. And, crush ‘em!! Instead of making resolutions, let’s make a vow to give a little more, push a little harder and NOT give up! We’ve got this!! Here are our top five tips to staying on track:



  • Plan for your week on Sunday. Shop, chop, and hop on over to the MindBody app to schedule your LBS classes! Be prepared so you’re not stuck in traffic without a snack or wandering around the office ready to fall into the “leftover cake” trap. Schedule workouts like you would any other appointment…and stick to it! Your health is your greatest wealth and you DESERVE an hour out of your day to focus on just you!



  • Track, track, track your meals and workouts. Whether it’s on your phone or old school planner style (my fave!), do what works for you! We’ve found that writing down what we’re eating, drinking, and doing (LBS workouts, cardio, yoga, etc.) we stick to our plan more often. It’s an added accountability tool that helps you stick the course and get closer to your goals!


  • Find an accountability partner. Whether that’s your Lean Body Babe team or the Instagram community…or both! Shoot, it may even be your four legged friend. Are we the only ones that talk to our pets?? Didn’t think so! Lean Body Babes are our favorite furry friends, too! Come to class, meet new people, see how AMAZING this community really is! We’re all in this together! LBS is a community of like-minded women, working together towards the common goal of find their happiest, healthiest self!


  • Mix it up. In the kitchen, the studio, or your remote gym, include variety so you don’t get bored. We have TONS of recipes and workouts you can use anytime, anywhere. Be sure to follow @lbsbirmingham and @lbskalamazoo on Instagram for sample 30 min cardio blasts and be sure to watch for our February post where we’ll share each trainers’ favorite recipes!


  • Share your progress. Show off those guns – you’ve EARNED ‘em, girl! And, give us your best LBS approved meal photos to drool over! We’ll share our cheesy photos and can only hope you’ll share with us, too. After all, we’re just regular people…women supporting women and just love to stay in tune with each and every one of you!








We can’t thank you enough for tackling 2018 with us! As you may have heard, we recently announced that WE’RE MOVING!! We’re so excited for all that is to come in 2018 and hope that you are, too. Thanks for your patience as we finish out our new space, we couldn’t grow without each of YOU. Stay tuned for the NEW LBS updates — we’re getting close to that finish line! In the meantime, our Collboration Lean Body Bike + Burn classes continue at Core Revolution (Check MindBody to sign up! ) as well as our Remote workouts and in-home sessions! There are PLENTY of ways to keep the BURN going! Don’t hesitate to reach out!

From each of us at LBS, cheers to 2018! We cannot wait to get in the studio with you!


With Lean Body Love,