Royal Oak Studio

Royal Oak Studio


We’ve recently EXPANDED and our NEW location is at 29924 Woodward Ave, Royal Oak, MI!

What is a Lean Body BURN class like?

The Lean Body Studio offers small, personalized group classes that include both cardio and strength training moves! Each class is circuit/ interval based that you will complete with a partner! All of our newbies are partnered with either an LBS Trainer OR one of our seasoned veterans! You will NEVER feel lost! You feel more accountable to working your hardest if you complete the circuits with another person. Plus, who wants to workout on their own anyway? Doing things as a large class only breeds competition and that’s NOT what we’re about! Completing the workout with just ONE other person vs. the whole class takes judgement and insecurities OUT!


There are always 5-8 stations to complete and the intervals change each class! We keep your body guessing and you’ll definitely work up a sweat and earn your rest! It’s an atmosphere you can leave your worries at the door and totally escape into! Judgement and worry free, you’ll be ready to push yourself harder than ever!

Lean Body Baby MAMAS– if you are pregnant or postpartum, please let your trainer know! Kelli is a certified Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist and can modify ANY class to suit your needs and accommodate YOUR body!

What do I need to bring to class?

Just your tennis shoes……and willingness to work HARD!! Towel and water are provided!

How long is each class?

Every class is 50 mins— 45 mins of WORK and a 3-5 min cool down/ stretch! We can PROMISE you’ll leave sweaty and satisfied!!

TRAIN like a BABE, SWEAT like a BABE, FEEL like BABE!!

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10 CLASS PACK: $180

20 CLASS PACK: $320

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1:1 sessions are a great for those with specific goals in mind and would like a bit more personal attention from their favorite KLBC trainer!


The sessions begin with an assessment and every 1:1 client receives meal plan guidelines, optional weekly check-ins and the guidance they need to successfully create their “happy body!” Get ready to work hard be held accountable to your goals!


10 SESSIONS 1:1 : $600

Have a friend who wants to join you?! We also offer duo sessions!

DUO SESSION 1:2 : $100

10 DUO SESSIONS 1:2 : $900

Email Katherine at: for more info or to sign up!