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The New Lean Body Studio- Details and Updates!

The word is OUT and we’re so excited! For those that don’t know much about us, here is a little background on KLBC, updates on whats to come and what you can expect from the new studio!

Kelli– Founder of KLBC!

I started the Lean Body Babe venture almost 4 years ago. After receiving my Bachelors Degree from Michigan State University in Nutrition, I moved to Las Vegas and was doing nutritional counseling for a plastic surgeon. From there, I worked in corporate wellness in New York, did remote coaching for a healthcare company in Chicago and managed a small studio in Royal Oak! With all of those different experiences, I was ready to start my own adventure. Kelli’s Lean Body Coaching was born! I began doing all in-home training in the Metro Detroit area. After gaining a clientele, I convinced my husband to turn our basement into a small studio! I loved training small classes out of my home but was approached by several out-of-staters for help with their diet and workouts! The remote coaching program then came to fruition as well as my other studio space in Kalamazoo that is ran by KLBC trainer, Nicole! With hundreds of clients all over the US, two successful in-home studios, expansion was inevitable! I, again, convinced my husband (is he amazing or what?!) to move and gain a larger in-home basement studio. That brings us to today!! After 4 years, 2 homes, 3 employees and a newborn later, I am MORE than READY to take KLBC to a brick and mortar location!



What’s the VIBE of The Lean Body Studio?
File_000 (11)

If you’ve taken classes in the current studio, you know we like it DARK! It’s an atmosphere you can leave your worries at the door and totally escape into! Judgement and worry free, you’ll be ready to push yourself harder than ever!


What’s the format of the classes?

Each class is circuit/ interval based and combines strength and cardio moves! There are always 5-8 stations to complete and the intervals change each class! Sometimes it’s 5 mins, others its 6 mins with higher reps or 4 mins plus tabatas….the possibilities are endless and you’ll NEVER get bored! We keep your body guessing!


I’ve heard you do things with a partner, what’s that all about and do I need to bring my own partner?

File_000 (6)

Nope!! All of my newbies are partnered with either a KLBC Trainer OR one of our seasoned veterans! You will NEVER feel lost! We do things in partners for a couple of reasons! Working WITH someone bumps up the accountability BIG time! You feel more accountable to working your hardest if you complete the circuits with another person. Plus, who wants to workout on their own anyway? Doing things as a large class only breeds competition and that’s NOT what we’re about! Completing the workout with just ONE other person vs. the whole class takes judgement and insecurities OUT! I wanted to created an environment that ALL women felt comfortable in and didn’t feel like they had to compete with others. The Lean Body Babes are such an incredible group of women who all support, encourage and motivate one another….it’s truly amazing!! We can’t wait for you to join us!


What do I need to bring to class?

Just your tennis shoes……and willingness to work HARD!! Towel and water are provided!File_000 (7)


How long is each class?

Every class is 50 mins— 45 mins of WORK and a 3-5 min cool down/ stretch! We can PROMISE you’ll leave sweaty and satisfied!!


How does The Lean Body Studio differ from others in the area?

File_000 (1)


I don’t think we have any competition! The Lean Body BURN is such a different workout from the atmosphere, to the format of each class, to the personalization and community, you’ll FEEL the difference right away! EVERY KLBC trainer also does 1:1 and duo sessions!  If you have a favorite LBB team member, you can work on your personal fitness goals AND your lifestyle/ diet as well! We’ll do everything we can to find your BEST body yet!

I am also a certified Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist and LOVE working with Lean Body Baby MAMAS throughout their pregnancy and postpartum. With a three month old at home, I KNOW what it takes to work through a healthy pregnancy and bounce back post -babe! Every class offers modifications for those that need them! We aim to create, happy and healthy bodies from the the INside, out. We want all of our Lean Body Babes to FEEL and look their best at every stage and we’ll do everything we can to help!

At the risk of sounding all “kumbaya,” I truly think the Birmingham fitness community is amazing and I’m so honored to be a part of it! We all have our own unique way of training and I happily support and commend each and every studio.  We’re in this together– let’s ALL win!!


When does the new studio open?

Construction is well under way and we’re working hard on getting the new space open around the holidays! We’l keep you File_000updated on social media but in the meantime, classes are STILL ON in the existing space!! Come and check out a class! We LOVE expanding the Lean Body Babe Family!

Facebook: Kelli’s Lean Body Coaching

Instagram: @KellisLBC

@LBBabyprep (Pre/postnatal division of KLBC!)








Questions/ comments– email me!! Kelli@kellisleanbodycoaching.com

LBBaby Mama takeover— MY Pregnancy Must-Haves!!

Lean Body Baby Mama division of KLBC is taking over the blog today!

f72ad0f5-0386-498c-aed9-f08041dec085Every woman is different, every body is different and certainly every pregnancy is different!! It’s not up to you to judge if someone is carrying too big or too small or gaining the right/wrong  amount of weight! Pregnant women are literally growing a full blown miracle in their bodies –so leave judgments aside and let’s support ALL of our mamas-to-be!! I am absolutely NO expert on pregnancy, but I DO know what has worked for me and helped me feel great throughout my own miracle growing experience!

Here are just a few of my pregnancy must-haves!


Spoiled Mama products —An absolute must! I’ve been using these products since week 9 and they have made my skin spoiledmamafeel hydrated, supple, firm and cellulite free! Love it! I will be using them long after pregnancy is over! www.spoiledmama.com


Bluewave 64oz jug— As my doc said, “you’ll know you’re getting too much water when you start to grow gills” 😂 In other words, preggos NEED a lot of water!! Staying hydrated is crucial for your growing babe! Not only does it help mom-to-be with constipation, hemorrhoids and UTIS, but water delivers essential nutrients to the growing fetus. I try to drink two of these bad boys every day. www.bluewavelifestyle.com OR you can also find them on Amazon!




Skin Medica Eye Serum– While this baby girl🏼 is still cookin’ and I can’t visit my friend Mr. Bo Tox  (no judging!!) this stuff is the next best thing!! I use it nightly and have noticed a big difference in the skin medicafine lines around my eyes– woohoo!  I’ll take what I can get!! www.skinmedica.com


foamrollerFoam roller – I’ve had sciatica since week 8 and foam rolling my IT band and hips/ low back has worked wonders! I also see a pre-natal chiropractor 1x/week (Birmingham Wellness Center if you’re in the Oakland County area!) and would highly recommend for fellow sciatica sufferers!


Maternity tanks and leggings- Comfort is so essential as your bump grows. There no need to be miserable! I have a few faves that I have absolutely LIVED in these past few months with this

780bf46e-b284-4cbd-8c7a-16d0ff9628c9growing bump!

BE by Ingrid and Isabel workout leggings are essential for my workouts and the best I have found—believe me, I’ve tried them ALL! They can be found on www.target.com (super affordable!)

leggings and tank for everyday/ running around are so, so comfy and definitely made with pregnant mamas in mind! Step into seamless legging heaven!!  www.blanqi.com

Stay supported, feel good and be COMFY!


frank bodyFrank Body lip scrub! Pregnancy hormones can make your skin do some wild things! Some women get oily skin while some go the opposite way and get dried out! To help my poor chapped lips, this scrub and moisturizer have worked wonders!! PLUS it’s all organic and made from coffee grounds/ sugar so tastes delish to boot!  us.frankbod.com


While it’s not a product, eating healthy and working out have by far been my pregnancy BFFs! Small meals every 2-3 hrs of nutrient dense foods and lots of protein (esp in Tri 3 when her little brain is growing most!) and keeping active have helped tremendously with any common pregnancy symptom (swelling, fatigue, constipation, indigestion heartburn,etc).Fatigue was my biggest complaint when I first got pregnant and as long as I kept movin’ I felt SO much better!! I have certainly NOT deprived myself of cravings (sweets have been the biggest craving!), I just found a balance that works for ME!  I’ve really breezed through these 8 months so far and attribute most of that to lifestyle choices! I know that may not be the case for ALL mamas, but it has worked for me!! Talk with your Dr. and figure out a plan that’s best for YOU! Pregnancy is a funny/wild/crazy experience and so different for each woman! You have to find what makes you FEEL the best and stick with it! Keep yourself healthy, do what works for YOU and enjoy these 10 months until the REAL fun begins! 🙂

healthy food blog24bf4c980-4045-457a-8fd0-cd82d856493c


Happy mama, happy baby!!

What Does it Mean to be a Lean Body Babe?!

Yes, I know, I tirelessly say LBB this and LBB that, BUT there is soooo much more meaning behind the term than what it sounds like on the surface.  File_000

Joining the Lean Body Babe family isn’t about losing weight or lowering body fat or working on OUTward appearances, it’s SO SO much more! We focus first on the INside and fueling our bodies in a healthy way and treating our bodies in a way that will serve us for a long time! Being a Lean Body Babe isn’t about being a certain size, weighing a certain amount or looking a certain way — it’s about cutting the FAT in our lives that don’t help us progress.  Not the palpable, outward actual fat, but the “FAT” that stands in our way of getting to where we want to be and being our best, most-confident selves.

FullSizeRender (5)


We take the negativity OUT, say “see ya later” to self-doubt and we don’t stand for judgement. We focus instead on encouraging one another, staying positive and working on ourselves from the inside out. The LBB lifestyle is not a quick fix or crash diet. It won’t make you “skinny” in a month or drop 10lbs in a week. What it WILL do is teach you how to eat FOR your body, get rid of old/unhealthy habits that don’t make you feel good and get you feeling better and better with each consistent day. The community of women that I’m proud to call my LBB family are incredible at helping one another, supporting one another and working towards goals TOGETHER! Whether that’s in a KLBC class or reaching out in our private group online, they truly are the best! IMG_0900


Are YOU ready to cut the FAT in your life? Are you ready to feel good, find your “happy body” and gain confidence in several aspects of your life? If so, join us! We love expanding our Lean Body Babe family!

Detox Your Body and BAN the BLOAT!!

……………by having a liver, kidneys and fully functioning organs!!!! Now I know I have the attention of all you quick-fix chasers and juice cleansing drinkers….read on about the best natural detox process and how you can feel better with a few small changes!


One of the body’s most basic functions is to eliminate and neutralize toxins daily through the liver, colon, kidneys and lungs. Your body is an incredibly smart machine and your LIVER plays a vital role in digestion and processing proteins, fats and sugars. Your liver is also important in fat digestion as well as the production of fats needed for the function of vital organs in your body. A fatty liver occurs when excess fat accumulates around the liver cells which in turn slows the metabolism of fat stores (not good!) and makes it very hard to lose weight. The KIDNEYS help to process everything you put into your system— food, alcohol, etc. They extract waste from your blood, balance the fluids in your body and help in many other functions in your body. Bottom line and long story short: Your body KNOWS what it’s doing— allow it to run efficiently by changing how you treat it and everything will function much better overall. Give your body the right fuel and stay active to help your body NATURALLY detox itself and keep all systems and organs running their best!FullSizeRender


Are you suffering from tight pants? Full belly? Uncomfortable feeling in your midsection? Those are NO FUN and signs that you need to change some things up! Let’s break down your bloat and get you feeling better!


Below are some common causes and cures of bloating and how you can HELP your organs function properly! 


  • Overeating! Large meals are a big factor in bloating and that uncomfortable “FULL” feeling! Overeating can cause damage to your liver and make it difficult for it to function correctly. Stick with smaller, more frequent meals to not only help your digestion, but your metabolism as well!  Say NO to mindless grazing and poorly thought out meals and YES to prepping and eating with purpose!! Try to eat every 2-3 hours to keep that metabolism revved up and your belly happy with your portion sizes! It’s way too hard to make good choices when you’re starving, so don’t let yourself get to that point! Take those excuses out and prep at the beginning of each week to ensure a successful week of eating.


  • Consuming rich foods high in fat!  While fat is absolutely essential in your diet, eating TOO many high fat, rich foods can
    My fav way to eat avocados is with egg whites on toast!! Yum!

    cause some major discomfort. Fat takes longer to digest than carbohydrates and protein so it keeps the stomach fuller for longer. This can be a good thing AND bad thing….while it helps with hunger, too much can weigh you down (pun intended!) Limit your daily fat intake and stick with healthy fats such as avocados, extra virgin olive oil, nuts and nut butters.



  • Not e88fa4a05-88a4-4125-a2be-baf0d23b1f43nough water, fiber or activity!!! One or all three of these can lead to…. dun, dun,
    dun….constipation!! Eeeks! Avoid by keeping your water intake HIGH (I recommend 1 gallon/ day for very active adults or at least half of your body weight in ounces for less active/more sedentary adults). Get your greens in to boost up your fiber intake (also whole grains, fruit and
    legumes) and get movin’!! Aim to be active at least 5 days per week!



  • Eating too fast!! I know, I know….you’re BUSY! Aren’t we all?!! Slow it down and actually enjoy your food! Your belly will thank you! Satiety signals (the signals in your brain that tell you you’re full) take around 20 mins to reach the brain and lessen your appetite. If you slowwwwww down, you are less likely to overeat and your body can digest your foods a lot more efficiently. Eating those small meals, like discussed earlier, will prevent you from being STARVING, which is when we typically shovel in food without thinking. Take a breath, enjoy your meals!
YOU deserve to feel GOOD!!
  • Limit carbonated drinks, chewing gum and sugar free foods! Switch your beverage of choice to good ‘ol H20! Add in lemon or cucumber or orange slices to flavor and keep it interesting! Peppermint tea is also a great way to decrease the bloat and much better than that can of POP you’re reaching for! Try it out and give water a chance! With chewing gum, you’re simply just swallowing more air! More air = more bloat! Plain and simple! Try switching to mints or just brush your teeth for a clean mouth feel! Sugar- free foods, while popular choices while watching your waistline, can cause bloating if over-consumed. Limit your intake of artificial sweeteners! Be mindful of labels and stick to foods that DON’T come in a package whenever available! Fresh is BEST!


  • Dairy/ gluten sensitivities or intolerances. I see this one a lot! To rule out an intolerance you can go get tested by your physician. To see if you have a sensitivity to either dairy (the one I see more common) or gluten, take out all foods containing either (not at the same time!) for 2 weeks, then re-introduce them and see how you feel! Start with dairy and eliminate any foods containing lactose (milk, cheeses, yogurt) for 2 whole weeks—- don’t worry, you can get your calcium in other ways like leafy greens, almond/ rice milk, soy products,etc ! Put those lactose items back into your diet after two weeks. If you feel full, bloated, gassy etc then you probably have some sort of sensitivity! Being in-tuned with your body helps to figure out how to feel your best!



Feel better already?? Adopt these habits and you’ll be well on your way to a bloat-free, light-as-air, flat-bellied bod! ; )


Need help with your eating and meal plan and wanting to spice up your workouts? We’ve got just the plan for you! 12 week personalized programs are available! Check out www.kellisleanbodycoaching.com for more info!




What’s up with the KLBC classes?!

Interested in trying a class out but not so sure what to expect?! Read on!
I LOVE the intensity and energy of the KLBC group classes! The format is different each class, but always in some sort of circuit fashion. Why do we do circuits?
Because I hate competition! I never wanted girls to come to class and feel like they are competing against one another. With circuits, you’re all doing something different at the same time! You’re able to focus on just YOU and geclass2t your sweat on! Each class is a combo of cardio and strength moves to ensure a full body burn each class!


class1b It’s an electric environment where everyone is working towards a common goal— to find their BEST self! In most classes, you will complete the circuits with a partner. Newbies are always paired with my LBB seasoned veterans so they never feel lost or not sure what they’re doing! I am always walking around, correcting form and of course shouting out random motivational phrases to keep ya goin’! 🙂

Between body weight, Bosu balls, bands, benches, Pilates rings and weights we sure do switch it up to keep your muscles guessing! The circuits change each class and will always leave you feeling challenged but STRONG! You will never repeat a workout and killer playlist is promised!
Try one out and see what we’re talking about! We love expanding the Lean Body Babe family and we’re ready for ya! class3
Current schedule:
Monday6pm and 7pm


Water, towel and protein bars provided!
Email: Kelli@kellisleanbodycoaching.com to sign up!

Remote Workout– Try it out!!

Happy Holidays!!! I cannot believe we are already close to the end of 2015!!!


Let’s talk remote programs!! When people inquire about our remote programs, one of the biggest questions is — “what kind of workouts are they?” To answer that question, I thought I would post another sample remote workout similar to those that we send to our remote program Lean Body Babes! When you sign up, the workouts are tailored to YOUR specific goals and restrictions, but this will give ya just a taste!!!


Try it out and let us know what you think!! Interested in a 12 week KLBC personalized remote program??

Email Meghan@Kellisleanbodycoaching.com for more info!!

Full Body Burn!

Complete Each Set 3X through— Alternate A and B (sometimes C) and do them 3X before moving onto the next set!


1A. Balancing 1 leg shoulder press. 5lb or 8 lb weight. Place weight in your R hand and lift your L leg up. Once you feel balanced, start pressing your R arm up to the ceiling and back down to a goal post position.

10 reps

Shoulder Press - balancing 1 arm Shoulder Press - balancing 1 arm 2



1B. Cross body crunches. With the weight still in your R hand, cross your arm across your body and lift your L knee to meet it! 10 reps

standing crunch2





1C. Squat with alternating knee up. Squat down and bring your R knee into chest, then squat down and bring your L knee into chest. 10 reps each side

Squat - Knee Up Combo


2A. Wide ski lunge to press! 5lb. Start in wide stance lunge over to your L side, then back to center and press with your R arm! 10 reps per side

Ski Lunge with Press 1 Ski Lunge with Press 2


2B. Wide squat HOLD with oblique crunches. Start in a wide stance and toes out. Come down in a wide squat and hold! Bring both fingerteips to your ears and one side at a time, bring your elbow towards your knee. Don’t bend forward OR back! Once you feel the stretch in your oblique, come back to centerStay on same side. 10 reps

Standing Oblique Crunch 1

2C. Plank jacks! Start in a high plank. Jump your feet out and back in, quickly!! Keep your core squeezing and make sure your booty isn’t sticking up in the air!!

10 reps
Plank - High plank jack


3A. Stationary lunge with 2-pulse row. 8 lb weight. Complete one side at a time. Place your L foot in front of your right and come down into a lunge. Place your L elbow down on your L knee. Extend your R arm down. Draw your elbow up to the ceiling, pulse twice, then lower back down. 10 reps on the L and 10 reps on the R

Lunge - row  Lunge - Row 2


3B. Wide squat curls. 5lb or  8lbs. Start in a wide stance, arms down and palms face forward. As you squat down, curl your arms up! 10 reps

Squat - Curl 1 Squat - Curl

3C. Alternating hammer curls. 5lbs or 8lb weights. Palms face IN as you curl your R arm up then your L arm!

10 reps per arm

Hammer curl - Alt. 2


4A. Basic walkouts. Start standing, fold yourself in half ans walk all the way out to a high plank and all the way back up to standing.

8 reps.


4B. Shoulder taps + frog jump-ins! In a high plank, tap your R shoulder, tap your L shoulder, then jump your feet towards your hands and back out!

8 reps

Shoulder Taps frog jump


5A. Basic crunch. When you crunch, make sure you DON’T pull your neck forward! Always crucn your chin up to the ceiling and keep your elbows out of your peripheral vision.

12 reps

Crunch - Basic


5B. V oblique crunch! Extend your legs up into a “V” posiiton. Crunch across and reach your L hand for your R shin,then lower back down and crunch across and reach your R hand for your L shin.

10 reps per side

Crunch - V toe touch


5C. Double crunch. Crunch into a “ball” then extend your legs and upper body out at the same time. In together and out together! Make sure your low back stays on the mat the whole time!

10 reps

Crunch - Double V

Meet the trainers of KLBC!


Thanks for visiting the Lean Body Babe Blog!! We’ve given it a bit of a face lift (and name change!) and are excited for regular/ informative posts and an open forum into who WE are and all the happenings at KLBC!

So let’s dive in and find out a bit more about KLBC trainers Kelli,  Meghan and Nicole.

  1. What’s your favorite muscle group to work?kelliblog

K: Oblique’s and shoulders! I LOVE feeling sore in my abs and a good burn in my upper body!

M: Legs

N: Bi’s & Tri’s

  1. What’s your favorite time of day to workout? 

K: Every day I workout at a different time! My schedule varies so much day-to-day that I squeeze my own sweat sesh in between clients! I do like to get it out of the way in the AM though!

M: Early Morning 5:30 am workouts rock…it is my time to myself before my family wakes up and the day gets started.

N: The morning, but most of the time it happens during the evening 🙂

  1. What’s your favorite breakfast/ Meal 1 food?

K: Almost every day I have 4 egg whites/ ¼ cup of oats (with a splash of almond milk) and half of a grilled banana. I mix it all up into what my hubby calls “my mash” –I love it!

M: Either Egg Whites on Rice Cakes or Egg Whites with Sun Butter…odd but oh so good!

N: Green Smoothies!

  1. What do you like to do in your free time?

K: I love going out to dinner and spending time with my husband. Girl time with my pals (so necessary!), Sunday dinners with my fam and I also love to travel. You never have to twist my arm to hop on a plane and go!!

M: Playing with my two kids, golfing and laying  in the sun with a IMG_8491good book

N: Walking my dog, Henry, Cook dinner with my girlfriends, cheer on MSU, and hanging out with my Hubby

  1. What’s your go-to “cheat meal” or off plan food?

K: Pizza! And champagne 😉

M: Chips and Salsa, Red wine and Honey Nut Chex!

N: If I am going to cheat, I make it worth while ha! — Donuts or Pizza

  1. What’s your guilty pleasure?

K: I am a self- admitted shop-a- holic! I am in workout clothes every so when I have the chance to get dolled up, I go for it. When I’m not training or writing workouts, you can find me at the mall. I also really love reality TV!! Who doesn’t love a little drama?!

M: Pedicures, massages and I love grocery shopping alone 😉

N: My TV shows at night. I never watch shows live so I tape them all and watch 1 before bed time 🙂

  1. What’s your favorite color?

K: My friends would answer BLACK for me b/c I’m always in black but I’ve always loved the color yellow— it’s so happy!

M: Hot Pink and green

N: Lately, I have been really digging grey tones IMG_8559

  1. If you were to have lunch with one famous person, who would it be and why?

K: I would love to meet Cara Alwill Leyba — writer of The Champagne Diet. She’s the epitome of a Girl Boss and I would love to pick her brain about being an entrepreneur. I look up to SO many women in business— it’s NOT easy!!

M: I would like to meet Katie “The Wellness Mama” who is an author, award winning blogger, and real food crusader.  She is a mom of five who strives to provide her readers with simple and practical ways to make your family healthier

N: This is a tough one.. so many ! I would have to say Kate Hudson. She seems so down to earth. I think she has created a positive view of herself in the media. Plus, I bet she’s hilarious!

  1. What’s your favorite type of music?

K: I love music!! My playlists go from pop to reggae to hard core rap and little country. Whatever my mood, music follows me. When I workout, I almost always go for rap— gets me hyped up!!

M: All kinds (country, pop, Christian, rap)  – as long as it has words I can sing along too!

N: Depends on the day! I love my country music, but I also have a Rap side as well! When it comes to teaching classes I stick to mostly Electronic- anything with a good beat that you can dance to!

  1. What’s your favorite season of the year?

K: By FAR, without a doubt, FALL! You can’t beat MI in the fall!! Sweater and boot weather is the best! I got married in the Fall and love leaves changing and brisk air!

M: Christmas…I love all the parties and time spent with family.  Selecting gifts and wrapping presents.  Opening gifts too J

N: Summer for activities. Fall for fashion!


© Studio 11.11 LLC | Photography by Laila Lindberg

Stop Starving!! How to Eat for a HAPPY BODY!

Ah, January! It’s resolution season! So many seasoned dieters come out of the woodwork with hopes of achieving their dream body. The sad part is, they go about it in all of the wrong ways. Starving themselves, religiously counting calories, beating their bodies to the bone at the gym, with the only result being failure. According to Forbes.com, only about 8% of resolution-ers actually follow through with their Jan 1 goals.


Have a HAPPY body!

Let’s break it down! In order to achieve LONG-TERM success with your weight, you have to give your body what it NEEDS! Happy bodies are full of good food and nutrients. Sad bodies are starving and very tired 🙁 Don’t have a sad body….read on!


What is a Macronutrient?

Macronutrients are the nutrients that your body need in larger amounts. In order for your body to stay healthy and work FOR you, you need these three nutrients: Proteins/ Carbohydrates and Fats.
Without all three of these nutrients, your body won’t function the way it’s supposed to. These nutrients provide us with energy and are needed for growth, metabolism and overall body function.

Proteins are imperative not only for muscle repair and recovery, but also for weight loss. Foods that are high in protein take longer to digest and metabolize which means you burn more calories processing them and you feel fuller for longer. The body uses more energy to digest protein then it does for carbs or fat. (1)

Examples below for protein sources:
– Meat/ Fish/Poultry-chicken, turkey/ Eggs/ Soy

Carbohydrates provide our body with glucose. Glucose is the major source of energy for most cells in your body–including your brain and muscles. Without glucose, your muscles and brain cannot function properly. The best sources of carbohydrates are the one that are broken down slowly in your body, thus providing energy for a longer period of time. These carbs are unprocessed or minimally processed. (2)

Examples below:
– Whole grains/ Oats/ Quinoa/ Legumes/ Beans/ Chickpea/ Greek Yogurt/ Almond Milk

Fat is necessary for many reasons. Your body needs fat to cushion your organs and keep your body insulated. The fat your body gets from your food, gives your body essential fatty acids (called linoleic and and linolenic). They are called essential b/c your body cannot MAKE them. These fatty acids are crucial for brain development, inflammation and blood clotting. With that being said, there are two types of fats found in foods: saturated and un-saturated. We want to steer clear of the saturated fats ( raises LDL “bad cholesterol”—found in butter, fatty meats, cheeses, creams, fried foods, etc). We do want to eat foods that contain un-saturated fats.(3)

Examples below:
-Avocado/Olive oils/ Nuts–peanuts, almonds

–In today’s society, there are SO many fad diets that eliminate carbohydrates or significantly reduce fat. This leaves the dieter feeling ill, fatigued and without any energy. No wonder!! Your body NEEDS those carbs and fat in order to function properly and work FOR YOU! Stop the endless cycle of restriction, people! It’s not only detrimental to your health, but certainly won’t help achieve long-term success with your weight.

Onto Micronutrients—what are they?


Micronutrients are the components that your body needs, just in smaller amounts. These come in the form of vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals are essential for development, disease prevention, increasing immunity, repairing muscle tissue and overall well-being. Most are not made from your body, so they MUST come from your FOOD! (4)

Examples of micronutrients below:
– Calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, selenium, sodium, zinc, vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, and K, biotin, folic acid, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin and thiamin.
—You can get most micronutients with a diet full of leafy green vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean meats, other nutrient-rich foods.

So, now that I have bombarded your brain with all that information, where do you go from here? Creating a healthy meal plan is all about balance! Getting enough of both macro and micronutrients and can be tricky, but it’s all trial and error.

Here are a few tips to creating your own plan!

– Breakfast is a must! Eating close to the time of waking can help kick-start your metabolism. When you skip it, your body is essentially “fasting” so you’re not producing the enzymes needed to metabolize fat to lose weight. Choose a breakfast high in protein/carbs to start your day off on the right foot! (5)

– Eat every 2-3 hours Aside from your 3 basic meals, add in 2 snacks during your day to keep your metabolism cranking! Your body is a machine…keep it fueled to run efficiently! Choose snacks like celery and peanut butter/ Red pepper and hummus/ Greek yogurt with granola/ Apple and handful of raw almonds—the possibilities are endless! Just make sure there is a protein element and your are steering clear of sugars/saturated fats. Veggies and whole grains are the way to go when pairing.

– Don’t forget to drink….WATER that is! – At the very minimum, get your 64oz in and say no to sugar/energy drinks!

– If you’re on-the-go, don’t skip a meal! There is another option! Don’t let yourself starve b/c of your busy days (let’s face it, we’re ALL busy). A protein shake can be a great option when time is limited. Choosing a whey or soy protein powder that is low in sugar(less than 5g) and pairing it with almond milk and water can be a great option


– Prepare as much as you can before– I will shout this one until my face turns blue! BE PREPARED! Chop up vegetables/fruits, grill or bake lean meats,etc. Do whatever you can to help yourself be successful during the week. I promise….this tip will be the most helpful!

**Overall, when trying to eat cleaner and lose a few lbs or just get healthier, balance and moderation are the way to do it. If you feel like you’re missing something (carbs/fats/etc) or you are always hungry, your body is trying to tell you something! Give it what it needs and I know it will work for you instead of against you. Finding what works for YOUR body will help you feel better and look better from the inside out. Happy body, happy mind, happy life.**

Contact me for more info on personalized meal plan/ workouts. I have clients all over the nation!

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A Day in the Life of my Remote Clients!

I’m sure you have heard me talk about my “remote coaching” and wondered what in the world I was talking about!! Let’s dive deeper and I will explain!

When I started Kelli’s Lean Body Coaching almost 2 years ago, I wanted to help as many people as I could get healthy and feel great about their body. I started strictly in-home training, grew it into in-home and studio training and realized I could be helping people not only in MI, but all over the US! Alas, my remote coaching was born!

I realized what most people need in order to be successful is accountability. If they know that they have someone to “answer” to at the end of every week and someone always looking out for their progress, the chances of success are MUCH higher! So to break down my remote program: I send an initial assessment to get to know the client a bit more and from there, they are emailed their meal plan on the following Saturday and all workouts on Sundays. Each program is 12 weeks long with 3 different variations; 2 workouts/week, 3 workouts/week or 4 workouts/week. They choose which variation works best for them and we get started! Every Saturday is “check-in” day where they have a set of questions to answer and a picture to submit. The picture tells me how compliant they were and how their body is responding to the meal plan and workouts. From there, we modify where we need to. There are no two workouts that are the same. I try my hardest to switch things us and keep their bodies guessing at all times! I am SO proud of all of my remote clients and their progress each week continues to blow me away!


Below is a sample workout, similar to what a remote client of mine would get via email. Try it out and tell me what you think!!

This is a full body workout…weights needed 🙂 Alternate “A” and “B” for each set and complete 3x through before going onto the next set.
***Each weight suggestion is just that….a SUGGESTION. Listen to your own body and take it up/down where needed.

Warm up—10 mins on cardio machine of your choice

1A. Squat, curl with punches at the end. 5 lbs weights.
Weights are held at your chest. You squat down and and as you do you curl. When you stand up, you extend your arms back down. On the last rep of each set, you will HOLD the squat and do 10 punches in each direction. Punch your R arm across your body to the L side and visa versa. (3rd pic shows the punches) J12 reps



1B. Weight pass. 1, 5lb weight.
Start with your feet together. Step back in a lunge with your left leg, as you do, pass the weight under your right leg from your right hand to your left hand. Stand up. Step back with you right leg and pass the weight under your left leg from your left hand to right hand. TIP: Hold the weight at the very end so it’s easier to pass J Do NOT use your back…go down lower with your legs to pass the weight.20 reps total (10 passes per leg)

2A. Wide squat hold with “sunshines”. 5 lb weights.
Come down in a wide squat (toes point out) Face your palms forward. Lead with your thumbs and draw a big circle with your arms ending at the top where your weights will touch (thumbs touching at top). Come back down the same way. Stay in the squat the whole time. 10 reps



2B. 21’s 8lb weights

  • 7 reps- All the way down to half way up (90 degree bend in arm at the top of the motion)
  • 7 reps – From the top, stopping halfway down
  • 7 reps- Full bicep curl

Shoulder series. Make sure you RELAX your neck .Stop the weights at shoulder height. If you have to drop down to 3lbs…drop down. Listen to your body!

3A. Basic front raise 5lbs- 10 reps

3B. Basic side (lateral) raise. 5 lbs- 10 reps

3C. Combo with a hold! Side raise-to –front raise- to side raise hold for 5 SEC. So it’s side, front, side and HOLD, then drop. 8 reps

4A. Calf raises 3 ways—holding 10lb weights in each hand

  • Toes front—20 reps
  • Turned in-  20 reps
  • Turned out- 20 reps


Try not to set your heel down all the way…keep the muscle active the whole time!

lungepressfull4B. One arm shoulder press with lunge. 5lb or 8lb weight. Start with your L foot foward and R foot back. The weight is in your R hand. Bend your arm at 90 degrees. Lunge down and as you come up, press your arm to the ceiling. 10 reps on each side.

5A. 1 leg kneeling push-up. On your hands and knees, extend your Right leg back, attach your left foot to your right knee. You are going to shift all of your weight forward and come down in a push-up. At the bottom of the motion, your extended right leg will be up high. 10 reps per leg. (shown is the bottom of the motion)

5B. Push-up with heel lift. In a push-up position (hands and toes) cross your R foot over your left. Come down into a push-up and as you come up, lift your R foot up a couple of inches. Set it back down and repeat for 8 on each side.


Ab series! Each exercise will be 15 crunches with 10 pulses at the end. So you will hold at the top of the motion on your last crunch and pulse from there! Make sure when you crunch, your CHIN is going to the ceiling…never pull your neck forward!

  • A. Basic crunch–feet down
  • B. Table top crunch–legs bent at 90 degrees.
  • C. Extended legs–legs are extended all the way  up! You are crunching towards your toes!

Enjoying your Social Life while Keeping your Diet in Check!

Spring is officially here!!! Finally!!!

418707_10101807532447303_2064166252_nWarm weather, activities outside and {my favorite} outdoor patio dining!! There is nothing better than eating outside with great company and enjoying a cold drink! This time of year restaurants are starting to open there patios and we can finally eat outside…now all we need is the weather to cooperate! As fun as eating out with friends and enjoying great food can be, it can also be tough on the waistline. I have compiled a list tips on how to still enjoy your social life while keeping your diet in check! After all….that’s what life is all about, moderation and still enjoying some indulgences every once in awhile!

Look at the menu before you go
– Checking out what’s on the menu before you go is an easy way to ensure a good {diet-friendly} choice! If you arrive to the restaurant starving without have looked at the menu, the chances of you choosing something healthy is slim. If you make your choice before you go it’s much easier. Every restaurant is going to have some sort of lean protein and vegetable option. Make your own salad places are my fav because it let’s you be in control of what you’re eating! Know before you go!

Ask for a to-go box right when they bring out your food
– We all know American portions are out of control! More times than not, a restaurant is going to give you a serving for at least 2 people. Asking for a to-go box not only lets you give yourself the correct portion, but gives you a second meal for the next day! Bonus!

girlsWater, water, water!

– We all forgot about water when there is a nice glass of chardonnay in front of us {guilty!} Make sure when you are eating your meal, you are drinking water. This will help to prevent over-eating and water helps with your food digestion…something alcohol can’t do.

Be picky!
– If you are in the food service industry, you will probably kill me for this one! {Sorry!} When ordering, be as picky as you want! If you don’t want your broccoli slathered in butter or your chicken fried, then say something! You are the one paying for the meal! Always ask how things are prepared before confirming your choice. Be specific about how you would like your things cooked and what you would like omitted {and make sure to leave a good tip 😉 } There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want!

Slash the calories…..Make a spritzer out of it!!
– This is one of my favorite tips! I love me some champagne, but know that I need to limit myself when watching my figure. Instead of a full glass of champagne {or white wine}, add a flavored seltzer to it! Most bars/restaurants have flavored seltzers, just ask! Its a great way to be social, enjoy your drink with half the calories!

576998_10102491883252804_526842573_nIndulge a little if you want to!

– If your friends are up for dessert…don’t be the odd man out! Enjoy 2 bites and be done with it! Taking a couple of bites of chocolate cake or whatever it may be will certainly not ruin your diet. Allowing yourself to taste can actually be helpful in reducing sweet cravings. So go ahead and enjoy and move on! J

Get movin’!
– Instead of just getting in your car and going home after your meal, take a walk! Walking after you eat not only helps burn calories {duh!}, but aids in digesting your food and can help regulate your blood sugar. So take 10-15 mins and stroll around a bit before going home. Enjoy the fresh air and warm spring weather!

Spring and Summer are all about enjoying great memories in warm weather with family and friends! As long as you are conscience of most decisions, it shouldn’t deter you from making progress with your health goals. Keep consistent, enjoy a few indulgences and have fun!