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We are absolutely LOVING all of the babes – old and new – in our new studio space! Thanks for all of the love and support as we have transitioned into our new home. Thanks for getting up and GOING. Early mornings are packed and late nights are sweaty! We certainly hope the Lean Body Studio is a place you can call HOME. We’re here for you every step of the way!

As much as we absolutely love our studio, that is most definitely a home away from home, we have a serious wanderlust (problem)! We know our babes love to travel just as much as us – thanks for tagging us in your swoon worthy destinations! And, thanks for showcasing your lean body gear along the way – has anyone seen trainer Nicole’s handstand in Miami?! F I R E!!!! We dare you to show off your LBB apparel on your next trip and tag us @lbsbirmingham!

With travel comes a change to your routine, but it doesn’t mean you have to change your lifestyle. We could list a plethora, but here are some quick tips to keeping up with the lean body lifestyle while you’re away – in a hotel room, on the beach, or in your sister’s backyard.

1. Bring an empty water bottle on all trips – most airports have handy water bottle filling stations and we know your sister has a faucet or at least a hose in the backyard 😉 Fill ‘er up and hydrate that beautiful bod!

2. Plan your snacks – especially for air travel. You can usually find healthy snacks at airports now, but you’ll pay almost double for it…ouch! Plan ahead, girlfriend. Grab your favorite bars before you go. Slice up an apple and your fave nut butter. Bring a bag of sugar snap peas. As long as it’s not more than 3 oz of liquid, it flies! And, I know you’ve got room in your car somewhere on a road trip – even if it’s your lap!

3. Small hotel rooms are just perfect for quick LBB blasts. Get your heart rate up with jumping jacks, high knees, and glute kicks. Then, play around with any body weight moves – plank walks, push-up to plank jacks, hip lifts, double crunches, and squat reaches. Grab that desk chair and bust out some bulgarian split squats or just go lean up against the wall, lower until your legs are at 90 degrees and feel…the…burn. Hold. Hold. Hold. And relax…wall sit, done!

4. Walk or run on the beach. You’ll activate extra muscle as sand grains are constantly shifting, forcing you to recruit those muscle fibers in your legs, hips, and trunk. Talk about a serious cardio beach blast and an amazing way to start YOUR vacation day!

5. Swing sets and benches oh my! Remember those high bench burners in the studio? Get after it in the backyard or neighborhood park with squat jumps, step-up knee-ups, incline or decline push ups, dolphin planks, and tricep dips. No TRX bands? No problem! Get in high plank position with your feet in the seat of a swing. Now, drive those knees to your chest for a total body burn!

So, just go. To the studio. To the beach. To the park around the corner. Lose your mind and set your soul on fire, you lean body babe!

P.S. If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading! Email me at allie@lbsbirmingham.com to get a full remote workout for FREE just to see what the lean body burn is all about! We know you’ll love it!

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