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Remote Workout– Try it out!!

Happy Holidays!!! I cannot believe we are already close to the end of 2015!!!


Let’s talk remote programs!! When people inquire about our remote programs, one of the biggest questions is — “what kind of workouts are they?” To answer that question, I thought I would post another sample remote workout similar to those that we send to our remote program Lean Body Babes! When you sign up, the workouts are tailored to YOUR specific goals and restrictions, but this will give ya just a taste!!!


Try it out and let us know what you think!! Interested in a 12 week KLBC personalized remote program??

Email Meghan@Kellisleanbodycoaching.com for more info!!

Full Body Burn!

Complete Each Set 3X through— Alternate A and B (sometimes C) and do them 3X before moving onto the next set!


1A. Balancing 1 leg shoulder press. 5lb or 8 lb weight. Place weight in your R hand and lift your L leg up. Once you feel balanced, start pressing your R arm up to the ceiling and back down to a goal post position.

10 reps

Shoulder Press - balancing 1 arm Shoulder Press - balancing 1 arm 2



1B. Cross body crunches. With the weight still in your R hand, cross your arm across your body and lift your L knee to meet it! 10 reps

standing crunch2





1C. Squat with alternating knee up. Squat down and bring your R knee into chest, then squat down and bring your L knee into chest. 10 reps each side

Squat - Knee Up Combo


2A. Wide ski lunge to press! 5lb. Start in wide stance lunge over to your L side, then back to center and press with your R arm! 10 reps per side

Ski Lunge with Press 1 Ski Lunge with Press 2


2B. Wide squat HOLD with oblique crunches. Start in a wide stance and toes out. Come down in a wide squat and hold! Bring both fingerteips to your ears and one side at a time, bring your elbow towards your knee. Don’t bend forward OR back! Once you feel the stretch in your oblique, come back to centerStay on same side. 10 reps

Standing Oblique Crunch 1

2C. Plank jacks! Start in a high plank. Jump your feet out and back in, quickly!! Keep your core squeezing and make sure your booty isn’t sticking up in the air!!

10 reps
Plank - High plank jack


3A. Stationary lunge with 2-pulse row. 8 lb weight. Complete one side at a time. Place your L foot in front of your right and come down into a lunge. Place your L elbow down on your L knee. Extend your R arm down. Draw your elbow up to the ceiling, pulse twice, then lower back down. 10 reps on the L and 10 reps on the R

Lunge - row  Lunge - Row 2


3B. Wide squat curls. 5lb or  8lbs. Start in a wide stance, arms down and palms face forward. As you squat down, curl your arms up! 10 reps

Squat - Curl 1 Squat - Curl

3C. Alternating hammer curls. 5lbs or 8lb weights. Palms face IN as you curl your R arm up then your L arm!

10 reps per arm

Hammer curl - Alt. 2


4A. Basic walkouts. Start standing, fold yourself in half ans walk all the way out to a high plank and all the way back up to standing.

8 reps.


4B. Shoulder taps + frog jump-ins! In a high plank, tap your R shoulder, tap your L shoulder, then jump your feet towards your hands and back out!

8 reps

Shoulder Taps frog jump


5A. Basic crunch. When you crunch, make sure you DON’T pull your neck forward! Always crucn your chin up to the ceiling and keep your elbows out of your peripheral vision.

12 reps

Crunch - Basic


5B. V oblique crunch! Extend your legs up into a “V” posiiton. Crunch across and reach your L hand for your R shin,then lower back down and crunch across and reach your R hand for your L shin.

10 reps per side

Crunch - V toe touch


5C. Double crunch. Crunch into a “ball” then extend your legs and upper body out at the same time. In together and out together! Make sure your low back stays on the mat the whole time!

10 reps

Crunch - Double V

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