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Spring is…coming?!

According to the calendar, March 20th was the first day of spring, but a walk outside your door in metro Detroit has not been screaming daffodils and bluebirds! BUT…I’ve got good news for you – head on over to our new Lean Body Studio and you’ll certainly feel some HEAT! We’ve kept it hot and sweaty at our new location which has been blooming with babes and buff bods. Not sure what the hype is all about? Hear from some of our vets just how they feel about the Lean Body community – hopefully you’ll get the itch to come check us out!

We asked a few of our babes five simple questions:
• How long have you been working out with Kelli?

• What’s your favorite part of the workouts at the Lean Body Studio? Or, do you have a favorite class/workout?

• What’s your favorite part about the community at the Lean Body Studio?

• On a day where you just want to stay in sweats, what’s your motivation to get up and get in the studio?

• What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself that you feel like you can attribute to the studio (mental, physical, emotional, etc.)?


“I’ve been working out with Kelli since 2014.

My favorite part about the studio workouts are the stations. I love how the trainers guide me through exactly what to do – this allows me to workout and turn-off my brain. It’s my “me time.” The way the stations are broken up makes it truly a full-body workout no matter which day you go.

There are people at every stage in their fitness journey. No matter what stage someone is at, there is support there and there is no judgement. LBBabyPrep was the best part of my pregnancy. I know that I bounced back as fast as I did and my baby is SUPER strong, because of the good choices I made and the exercise I did.

I think about it as such a small part of my day–the studio has helped me shoot for small achievable goals. And obviously the people. I miss catching up with my babes and I know if I miss a workout, I’ll be getting a text asking if I was ok 🙂 Also, when I was pregnant and doing the LBBabyPrep program, it was great knowing that I was making a decision for my baby, not just for me.

Kelli and her studio/programs have instilled in me a love for fitness and health. I am constantly looking for ways to make LBB friendly recipes and I truly enjoy working out. I used to just go to the gym and do cardio because it was easy. I am a competitive person so working out at the studio is a “competition” I get to have with myself — how can I push myself a little further than I did the week before???

This group of women changed my life for the better and I am thankful for them every day. I am so proud to call myself a Lean Body Babe!!”

“I started with Kelli about four years ago and have seen her consistently since…clearly, I’m addicted!

The Lean Body Studio is truly a lifestyle transformation. I love the HIIT style of classes and also appreciate that every time I walk into the studio, I can expect something different. Although the overall format remains the same, the classes are never identical so I’m always challenged. From burpees to Bosu push-ups, standard bicep curls to combo moves and descending sets, my body is always guessing and I always leave sweaty with my endorphins flowing! If I can’t make it to the studio, I rely on Kelli’s remote workouts which allow me to get the same burn at home or while traveling.

There is just something about being amongst a group of like-minded women, working towards the same goals, that keeps me motivated! I am truly grateful for the camaraderie and support I’ve received from Kelli and her team in addition to the girls I’ve met through LBS! When I walk into the studio, I never feel like I’m walking into a competition. I can turn my mind off and focus on me and MY goals. The positive energy is truly contagious.

I can attribute a change in my mental, physical and emotional health all to Kelli and LBS. Prior to finding Kelli, I was in need of balance. I had tried a number of fitness fads but my body was not responding appropriately. Kelli has coached me to develop a balanced and healthy lifestyle and because of that, I am stronger – both physically and mentally. Working out is now my biggest stress reliever and something I look forward to daily. Kelli is such an inspiration and such a positive light in my life. I am SO grateful for the community she’s created and owe so much to her and the LBS team for all of the continued support!”

“I’ve been with Kelli for nearly 3 years, now.

I love everything about the studio… I’ve made really good friends, who motivate me every class. It feels very comfortable there. I have a love/hate relationship with cardio blast, but I can’t seem to get enough of it!

Everyone I work out with really has an “I’ve got your back” attitude. I feel like everyone supports everyone at LBS! I’ve been with some of the girls for 3 year and it’s a lot more fun to work out with friends.

It’s become my form of therapy 🙂 I know that it will make me feel better mentally and physically. I like the accountability of the LBS fam… I’ve gotten many texts over the years asking where I’m at if I miss a class.

Everything about my life is different because of Kelli and LBS. I’m motivated, I push myself every workout; It’s where I go when I’m having a bad day, knowing I’ll walk out of there feeling better. I never thought I would love working out as much as I do!

It takes a long time to notice and feel the change of working out and living a healthier lifestyle, but once you do, you will become addicted. LBS will become your second home, I guarantee it!!”

“I have been working out with Kelli since Jan 2015, I started out with remote workouts & wanted to regain strength & become leaner after having my 2nd child (son) who was born in February 2014. I then went on to workout with her in her first studio at her house. Can’t believe it’s been this long!!

I love how good I feel after each class. You get such a good burn/sweat each class. I love how each class is so diverse & challenging at the same time! I have grown to really enjoy the cardio blasts, too!! You get such a good workout in JUST 30 MINUTES!!

I love the LBS community!! I love our teamwork approach & partnering up with the girls!! It helps to push you harder in the workout!! I have grown to really get to know some of the girls over the years!! It’s a great group of friends I have gained!!

My motivation is to keep strong for my 2 beautiful kids & show them it’s positive to stay healthy & fit. Also, it helps me physically, mentally, emotionally & keeps me motivated because I love the adrenaline rush from working out – it’s a great stress reliever 🙂

I’m so glad Kelli took the leap of faith to do what she loves & inspire other women/moms out there to feel good about themselves in an environment where no one judges you!! I truly am grateful for our LBS community!! Love going to classes every week!!!”

“I have been working out with Kelli for three years this month! I’m addicted!!

My favorite part of the workouts we do is that they are constantly changing and challenging. The older I get, the easier is for me to retain water, and I can literally lose the water weight after two workouts. I also love my 1:1’s because I’ve always felt comfortable, and I love how strong I’ve become. It truly amazes me.

My favorite part of the community is that it feels like family. Everyone is non-judgmental, warm, and friendly. It’s also great to have partners. Sometimes knowing someone else is struggling just as much as you are helps to motivate you to keep going. If they can do it, so can I!

When I feel tired and want to just relax, sometimes I do. But it’s rare. It’s different for me because I spend some of my time in another country, so I realize I can only get in the studio a few days a week. Canada does not have a studio like this!! I know that after an LBS workout I’ll just feel better…mentally and physically.

The biggest change I see in myself is motivation, strength, a better attitude after a workout… and muscles!! I’ve never in my life thought I’d be someone who loves to workout, and now, if I DON’T get in a workout for at least five to six days, I just feel off.”

Gosh, we’re SO lucky to have such unbelievably amazing clients. Thanks for sharing your stories, ladies! If these women haven’t sparked you to check out the studio, just go see for yourself! Sign up on MindBody, get your sweat on, and let us know how you feel afterwards!

With Lean Body Love,



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