KLBC is a lifestyle transformation. It is a holistic approach to finding balance between how you fuel your body and how your strengthen your body to find YOUR best body. This truly is an individualized approach that intrinsically links nutrition and fitness for each unique body, yielding incredible results.

In my personal experience, I came to KLBC in search of balance–I had tried strict dieting, excessive workouts and other fitness fads, but none of these lasted very long and my body did not respond and I was not holding myself accountable. Through KLBC, I’ve learned to create a lifestyle that facilitates change, and I have been overwhelmed with my success in finding my “happy” and “balanced” body. I am so grateful for this incredible program, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is ready to commit to that new lifestyle!


Kelli’s personalized plan got me in the best shape possible for my wedding. I had a body skimming dress in a smooth fabric and needed everything to be perfectly toned and tightened up for it to look good! In a matter of weeks, I ended up losing inches around my waist and hips in addition to leaning and firming up all over. The plan was simple and effective and Kelli’s encouragement and guidance made it easier to stay on track! I was so pleased with my results that I decided to stick with the program after the wedding was over – after all, being a lean body babe is a way of life, not a fad diet!


Kelli is the most positive person I know! She has so much energy and is consistently building me up. I have enjoyed working with her on and off for the past couple years and have directly seen the positive impact on my body, energy level, and confidence! I have felt my very best when I was strictly dedicated to the plan she provided. She gives you all the tools you need to succeed, and is always keeping me accountable.

KLBC is an amazing program that I highly recommend. It’s up to you to try it for yourself!


Kelli’s program has given me the tools to have a health, happy, sustainable, “best-shape-of-my-life” body – all while eating more than ever before! She has the perfect balance of encouragement and accountability. My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner!


Before finding Kelli’s Lean Body Coaching, I was a slave to cardio workouts and survived on a diet of 100 calorie snacks and lean cuisines. When the first slim down launched, I was all in to learn how to properly fuel my body and keep myself accountable to completing the workouts. During the program, I found a positive, encouraging support system from Kelli and a sense of community from the other Lean Body Babe clients who were going through the exact same thing that I was. Not only did I end up losing body fat and gaining self-confidence, but most importantly I became educated on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the long haul. I am so thankful to have found KLBC and I would highly recommend to anyone woman who is ready to find the best version of herself.


I trained remotely with Kelli. Training with Kelli remotely provided me the flexibility to easily incorporate her workouts into my schedule. Her weekly check-ins, however, provided the accountability to ensure compliance to the meal plan and the workouts. By following the combination of KLBC’s meal plan, weekly check-ins, and workouts (as well as a little hard work), the results from KLBC’s program were apparent. My body was leaner and toner; and I lost over 11 pounds in 12 weeks. Moreover, for the first time, I became confident with my body. Kelli taught me the importance of nourishing my body as well as how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to KLBC, my routine now consists of 5:00 am workouts and weekly meal prepping. I would not have it any other way!


I’ve been fad dieting, carb cutting, spending long hours on the treadmill and obsessing over numbers on the scale for basically my entire life. Even though I worked out and ate what I thought was healthy food, I struggled with major weight fluctuations and felt uncomfortable, insecure and unhappy about my body.
Then, just over one year ago, I decided to switch up my routine and started my KLBC journey. What started with one workout a week in Kelli’s studio turned into a 30 day slim down, a 12 week remote program, one-on-one sessions, compliance with the most realistic and satisfying meal plan that I’ve ever followed and at least three group fitness KLBC classes per week. I feel stronger, healthier, more energized and more confident with my body than I ever have before AND I actually look forward to working out now. (It also didn’t hurt to be able to show off some abs all summer and on vacations!)
The KLBC team has been such an inspiration to me and so many other ladies who are looking to live a healthier lifestyle and feel more confident with the way they look and feel. Now, I have such an amazing support system in the KLBC coaches and the other LBBs! I’m excited to have made new friends and to have some old friends joining in on this journey and empowering each other! Thank you, KLBC team! You’re the best!


I started working out with Kelli one-on-one in July of 2014 and since then have also participated in her group classes. No matter the setting, Kelli is always so encouraging, positive and supportive. Her style of training is challenging but exciting, and never boring. Before starting with Kelli, I had tried a handful of gyms but I could never get into a good routine. Since I’ve met Kelli, I feel stronger and leaner, and I have truly found joy in working out and taking care of my body. I now look forward to working out every day, and I have incorporated exercise and clean eating into my daily life. Kelli is truly an inspiration and I would recommend her and the KLBC team to everyone.