Lean Body Babe Blog


I’ve been fad dieting, carb cutting, spending long hours on the treadmill and obsessing over numbers on the scale for basically my entire life. Even though I worked out and ate what I thought was healthy food, I struggled with major weight fluctuations and felt uncomfortable, insecure and unhappy about my body.
Then, just over one year ago, I decided to switch up my routine and started my KLBC journey. What started with one workout a week in Kelli’s studio turned into a 30 day slim down, a 12 week remote program, one-on-one sessions, compliance with the most realistic and satisfying meal plan that I’ve ever followed and at least three group fitness KLBC classes per week. I feel stronger, healthier, more energized and more confident with my body than I ever have before AND I actually look forward to working out now. (It also didn’t hurt to be able to show off some abs all summer and on vacations!)
The KLBC team has been such an inspiration to me and so many other ladies who are looking to live a healthier lifestyle and feel more confident with the way they look and feel. Now, I have such an amazing support system in the KLBC coaches and the other LBBs! I’m excited to have made new friends and to have some old friends joining in on this journey and empowering each other! Thank you, KLBC team! You’re the best!