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The New Lean Body Studio- Details and Updates!

The word is OUT and we’re so excited! For those that don’t know much about us, here is a little background on KLBC, updates on whats to come and what you can expect from the new studio!

Kelli– Founder of KLBC!

I started the Lean Body Babe venture almost 4 years ago. After receiving my Bachelors Degree from Michigan State University in Nutrition, I moved to Las Vegas and was doing nutritional counseling for a plastic surgeon. From there, I worked in corporate wellness in New York, did remote coaching for a healthcare company in Chicago and managed a small studio in Royal Oak! With all of those different experiences, I was ready to start my own adventure. Kelli’s Lean Body Coaching was born! I began doing all in-home training in the Metro Detroit area. After gaining a clientele, I convinced my husband to turn our basement into a small studio! I loved training small classes out of my home but was approached by several out-of-staters for help with their diet and workouts! The remote coaching program then came to fruition as well as my other studio space in Kalamazoo that is ran by KLBC trainer, Nicole! With hundreds of clients all over the US, two successful in-home studios, expansion was inevitable! I, again, convinced my husband (is he amazing or what?!) to move and gain a larger in-home basement studio. That brings us to today!! After 4 years, 2 homes, 3 employees and a newborn later, I am MORE than READY to take KLBC to a brick and mortar location!



What’s the VIBE of The Lean Body Studio?
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If you’ve taken classes in the current studio, you know we like it DARK! It’s an atmosphere you can leave your worries at the door and totally escape into! Judgement and worry free, you’ll be ready to push yourself harder than ever!


What’s the format of the classes?

Each class is circuit/ interval based and combines strength and cardio moves! There are always 5-8 stations to complete and the intervals change each class! Sometimes it’s 5 mins, others its 6 mins with higher reps or 4 mins plus tabatas….the possibilities are endless and you’ll NEVER get bored! We keep your body guessing!


I’ve heard you do things with a partner, what’s that all about and do I need to bring my own partner?

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Nope!! All of my newbies are partnered with either a KLBC Trainer OR one of our seasoned veterans! You will NEVER feel lost! We do things in partners for a couple of reasons! Working WITH someone bumps up the accountability BIG time! You feel more accountable to working your hardest if you complete the circuits with another person. Plus, who wants to workout on their own anyway? Doing things as a large class only breeds competition and that’s NOT what we’re about! Completing the workout with just ONE other person vs. the whole class takes judgement and insecurities OUT! I wanted to created an environment that ALL women felt comfortable in and didn’t feel like they had to compete with others. The Lean Body Babes are such an incredible group of women who all support, encourage and motivate one another….it’s truly amazing!! We can’t wait for you to join us!


What do I need to bring to class?

Just your tennis shoes……and willingness to work HARD!! Towel and water are provided!File_000 (7)


How long is each class?

Every class is 50 mins— 45 mins of WORK and a 3-5 min cool down/ stretch! We can PROMISE you’ll leave sweaty and satisfied!!


How does The Lean Body Studio differ from others in the area?

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I don’t think we have any competition! The Lean Body BURN is such a different workout from the atmosphere, to the format of each class, to the personalization and community, you’ll FEEL the difference right away! EVERY KLBC trainer also does 1:1 and duo sessions!  If you have a favorite LBB team member, you can work on your personal fitness goals AND your lifestyle/ diet as well! We’ll do everything we can to find your BEST body yet!

I am also a certified Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist and LOVE working with Lean Body Baby MAMAS throughout their pregnancy and postpartum. With a three month old at home, I KNOW what it takes to work through a healthy pregnancy and bounce back post -babe! Every class offers modifications for those that need them! We aim to create, happy and healthy bodies from the the INside, out. We want all of our Lean Body Babes to FEEL and look their best at every stage and we’ll do everything we can to help!

At the risk of sounding all “kumbaya,” I truly think the Birmingham fitness community is amazing and I’m so honored to be a part of it! We all have our own unique way of training and I happily support and commend each and every studio.  We’re in this together– let’s ALL win!!


When does the new studio open?

Construction is well under way and we’re working hard on getting the new space open around the holidays! We’l keep you File_000updated on social media but in the meantime, classes are STILL ON in the existing space!! Come and check out a class! We LOVE expanding the Lean Body Babe Family!

Facebook: Kelli’s Lean Body Coaching

Instagram: @KellisLBC

@LBBabyprep (Pre/postnatal division of KLBC!)








Questions/ comments– email me!! Kelli@kellisleanbodycoaching.com

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