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What Does it Mean to be a Lean Body Babe?!

Yes, I know, I tirelessly say LBB this and LBB that, BUT there is soooo much more meaning behind the term than what it sounds like on the surface.  File_000

Joining the Lean Body Babe family isn’t about losing weight or lowering body fat or working on OUTward appearances, it’s SO SO much more! We focus first on the INside and fueling our bodies in a healthy way and treating our bodies in a way that will serve us for a long time! Being a Lean Body Babe isn’t about being a certain size, weighing a certain amount or looking a certain way — it’s about cutting the FAT in our lives that don’t help us progress.  Not the palpable, outward actual fat, but the “FAT” that stands in our way of getting to where we want to be and being our best, most-confident selves.

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We take the negativity OUT, say “see ya later” to self-doubt and we don’t stand for judgement. We focus instead on encouraging one another, staying positive and working on ourselves from the inside out. The LBB lifestyle is not a quick fix or crash diet. It won’t make you “skinny” in a month or drop 10lbs in a week. What it WILL do is teach you how to eat FOR your body, get rid of old/unhealthy habits that don’t make you feel good and get you feeling better and better with each consistent day. The community of women that I’m proud to call my LBB family are incredible at helping one another, supporting one another and working towards goals TOGETHER! Whether that’s in a KLBC class or reaching out in our private group online, they truly are the best! IMG_0900


Are YOU ready to cut the FAT in your life? Are you ready to feel good, find your “happy body” and gain confidence in several aspects of your life? If so, join us! We love expanding our Lean Body Babe family!

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