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What’s up with the KLBC classes?!

Interested in trying a class out but not so sure what to expect?! Read on!
I LOVE the intensity and energy of the KLBC group classes! The format is different each class, but always in some sort of circuit fashion. Why do we do circuits?
Because I hate competition! I never wanted girls to come to class and feel like they are competing against one another. With circuits, you’re all doing something different at the same time! You’re able to focus on just YOU and geclass2t your sweat on! Each class is a combo of cardio and strength moves to ensure a full body burn each class!


class1b It’s an electric environment where everyone is working towards a common goal— to find their BEST self! In most classes, you will complete the circuits with a partner. Newbies are always paired with my LBB seasoned veterans so they never feel lost or not sure what they’re doing! I am always walking around, correcting form and of course shouting out random motivational phrases to keep ya goin’! 🙂

Between body weight, Bosu balls, bands, benches, Pilates rings and weights we sure do switch it up to keep your muscles guessing! The circuits change each class and will always leave you feeling challenged but STRONG! You will never repeat a workout and killer playlist is promised!
Try one out and see what we’re talking about! We love expanding the Lean Body Babe family and we’re ready for ya! class3
Current schedule:
Monday6pm and 7pm


Water, towel and protein bars provided!
Email: Kelli@kellisleanbodycoaching.com to sign up!

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