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in home training

pre and post natal care

We LOVE our Lean Body Baby Mamas! LBS trainers Kelli and Nicole are both Pre/Postnatal Certified and happy to help you on your pregnancy and postpartum journey! ALL LBS classes are modified for our mamas-to-be and those just getting back into exercise post-baby. All modifications are safe, effective moves that help to maintain strength and work for YOUR growing body! Join us in class confidently knowing we are here to HELP you through this amazing time.


Remote classes for mama

Like classes, all of our Pre/Postnatal remote workouts are modified for YOU! We work to strengthen your deepest core muscles (TA) and pelvic floor to help you through a safe delivery and postpartum. We’ll be there to support you through weekly check-ins and help with your nutrition as well!

6 weeks– 3 workouts/ week/ 6 check-ins/ Meal guidelines

Contact Nicole at for more info!

**Please consult your OB before starting any new exercise program!**

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