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in studio training

The Lean Body Studio offers small, personalized group classes that include both cardio and strength training moves! Each class is circuit/ interval based that you will complete with a partner! All of our newbies are partnered with either an LBS Trainer OR one of our seasoned veterans! You will NEVER feel lost! You feel more accountable to working your hardest if you complete the circuits with another person. Plus, who wants to workout on their own anyway? Doing things as a large class only breeds competition and that’s NOT what we’re about! Completing the workout with just ONE other person vs. the whole class takes judgement and insecurities OUT!


In Studio Training
In Home Training

in home training

Get your Lean Body BURN on without leaving your home!


Remote Coaching

virtual training

Don't live close to LBS? No problem! We also offer virtual Burns you can purchase at any time, anywhere! Simply purchase in MindBody under "Virtual Classes" and a Burn will be sent to your inbox!


Pre and Post Natal Care

pre and post

natal care

We LOVE our Lean Body Baby Mamas! The LBS trainers are Pre/Postnatal Certified and happy to help you on your pregnancy and postpartum journey! We've BEEN THERE, girl! We want to help you navigate this crazy, amazing time together! 

You're in good company with group classes as many of our classes have a handful of expectant mamas!


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