The Lean Body Studio

The NEW Lean Body Studio location - COMING SOON!!

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In-home Training

Can’t quite make it to the studio but still want to feel the Lean Body BURN by one of our trainers?! No problem!

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Remote Coaching

With Lean Body Babes all over the US, we can help you achieve your goals from anywhere!

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KLBC is a lifestyle transformation. It is a holistic approach to finding balance between how you fuel your body and how your strengthen your body to find YOUR best body. This truly is an individualized approach that intrinsically links nutrition and fitness for each unique body, yielding incredible results. In my personal experience, I came …
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Kelli’s personalized plan got me in the best shape possible for my wedding. I had a body skimming dress in a smooth fabric and needed everything to be perfectly toned and tightened up for it to look good! In a matter of weeks, I ended up losing inches around my waist and hips in addition …
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Kelli is the most positive person I know! She has so much energy and is consistently building me up. I have enjoyed working with her on and off for the past couple years and have directly seen the positive impact on my body, energy level, and confidence! I have felt my very best when I …
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The Lean Body Studio is located at:

2237 Cole St.
Birmingham, MI 48009